Set up an in-person private class & clinic  – now also available as interactive virtual classes!
Private classes and clinics are a completely personalized experience—set up a one-on-one, sibling, or small group session. Work on the fundamentals or give extra focus on a particular skill you and your player want to enhance.
You say when and where, and we bring the soccer fun there! Just send us a request to arrange a mutually convenient day and time.
You may also request your favorite coach to lead your class and clinics, dependent on availability.

About Private Classes & Clinics

Private Classes and Clinics can meet at any appropriate indoor or outdoor space available near you, including parks and even your own backyard! Coaches can also come to your building’s gym, playroom, squash court, or other open space. Some schools will even make their gyms available to their students’ families. If you need assistance finding a spot, check with our office for suitable spots in your neighborhood.

You can also book a private clinic with us this summer! Choose between a full soccer clinic, or have a hybrid in-person and virtual clinic with our enrichment partners. Play soccer with our coaches, then use a connected device to include live instruction from our STEM, Acting, Art, or Multi-Sport partners. Submit a private class request to get more details on options and availability

For an added dynamic, book an INTERNATIONAL private class with one of our multilingual coaches. Our unique, international classes can be catered to your needs: choose to have your class taught solely in your selected foreign language, or choose our “learning language” curriculum, where introductory language elements will be infused into an English-based format.

Class/Clinic Ratio & Pricing

– In-Person prices vary by region, submit a Private Class/Clinic Request for more details.

– Classes are subject to local and CDC guidelines. Please review our reintegration plan.

– Virtual $75/session one-on-one

– $60/mo recurring billing minimum 5 kids

Class Length

– Under 3 years old: 40 minutes per class

– 3 – young 4 year olds: 45 minutes per class

– Older 4-5 year olds: 50 minutes per class

– Kindergarten and up: 1 hour per class

Class Equipment

Soccer Ball Sizes

– Size 5 (Adult/Professional): ages 12 and older

– Size 4 (Youth): ages 8-12

– Size 3 (Junior): ages 8 and younger

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